Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jindie Nails: My new handmade polish-first cut

Here's a sneak peak of a handmade polish I've been testing this week for bleeding glitter.  It takes awhile to test because you have to add each glitter color separately, wait a couple of days to see if it bleeds, add the next color etc.  It has a pure white semi sheer base with large shiny metallic spring green, shiny metallic royal blue & flat black hex glitters & smaller shiny metallic spring green hex glitter right now.  I expect full opaque finish in 2-3 coats with this one but will test it once its finished.  Once I'm finished adding all the colors I want to add I'll name it (you all can help me). None of the glitter is bleeding, so far so good :)!


Polishedcomponents said...

I really like this... starting to like white based frankens more and more.

GlitteringJen said...

Yes, the white based frankens are my favorite! I love the contrast!