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Jindie Nails: Jindie Nails-Chameleonaire

Frankens: BeTrixed, Purple People Eater, Rose Among Thorns, Underwater Disco, Ultra-Violet

Hope everyone is doing well! Jayden is fully recouped after his strep throat.  He started swimming lessons on Monday.  He's been afraid of going under the water and getting his face wet since he was about 2 and couldn't swim at all (he's 5).  I got the phone number to this lady swimming instructor and I swear to you all, my son learned how to swim, forgot all of his fears and is now officially a fish, all in 3 days now :)!  His last day of lessons for this summer is this morning.  I don't know how in the world the lady did this, she's gooood!  So, that's what I've been doing this week.  I've also been working on a few frankens in my spare time.

In the photo above I have a polish called Ultra-Violet.  It is the only one I didn't swatch for this post.  I will post a swatch on Ultra-Violet soon.  

The first polish I'm going to post about is my color shifting glitter pigment.  I have had this and several other color shifting pigments that I totally forgot about! I cannot believe I had these and forgot about them! I made one mini franken with semi color shift, but nothing like this one! It's super duper cool. The glitter in it is super fine and shifts colors from gold to blueish greenish teal, then to violet purple and sort of a hot pink at times.  Just a few of my favorite colors!  I named it Chameleonair because of the color shift, obviously, and the green in it reminded me of money-millionaire :).  It applies super easy, dries fast, can't complain about anything with this one.  I have it listed on Etsy along with my Purple People Pleaser. That is the other polish in some of my pictures below.  This polish was so hard to photograph.  I couldn't get pictures with all the different colors that the glitter turns into very good.  That's why there are so many lol!  This is the hardest one I've ever photographed.  I felt like a crazy person with my big a** camera and hands up over my head near the light source lol!   I could not get a good picture and I messed up the paint on the first finger in the process (you'll see in the pictures :( ).  My son and fiance' were looking at me like I had lost it!  They just don't get it lol!  Hope I was able to at least give you an idea of how cool this one is.  Pictured below is 2 coats of Chameleonaire over Sinful Colors Black on Black (THE BEST ONE COATER BLACK EVER) with no top coat.  

FYI, I am going to do a swatch on Pretty & Polished-Pool Party tomorrow, since it's the only P&P polish color left on Llarowe's website.  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  Enjoy!

You can purchase Chameleonaire & Purple People Pleaser for yourself here: 

Can y'all see the rainbow effect on the glitter? The tip is blue, middle gold, bottom violet hard 2 c in pics

aqua blue shift

By the time I got to this pic, I had messed up the first finger :(

teal green shift

blurry but you can see the royal blue shift good here

You can see a little of the purple violet shift here 

blurry but oh so shimmery :)
Up next I have another swatch featuring a couple more of my new handmade polishes.  The first one and on the first finger is BeTrixed.  At first, I named it Smurfetish but my friend over at Gnarly Nails said it looked like the cereal Trix R 4 Kids and I put a spin on that naming it BeTrixed (sounds a little like Bewitched).  It's got neon matte yellow, neon blue, matte pink & a few matte black hexes.  It applies very easy and dries fast to a semi gloss finish.  I had a neon franken very similar to this a week or two ago, but the neon pink I had in it bled :(.  So, I replaced that neon pink with just a regular matte barbie pink and came up with this.  Not quite as bright as the other one was, but still very cool nonetheless!  Pictured below is 3 coats of BeTrixed over Essie-Blanc, one coat of Seche Vite top coat.  This one is not listed on my Etsy store site yet.  I will be listing it next sometime this week, possibly tomorrow. 

The second color on the middle finger is Rose Among Thorns.  Full swatch and review of that one here:

The third and on the ring finger is Purple People Eater.  Full swatch for that color is here: 

Finally is Underwater Disco on the pinky.  I haven't fully swatched that one yet.  I just made it a couple of days ago.  It has several blue shades and shapes of glitter, light to dark, both matte and metallic finish, several shades and shapes of green glitters from light to dark, matte to metallic.  All of these mixtures of blues and greens are in a holographic powder pigment base.  To all of this I have added large holographic hexes that look like a disco ball!  This one is a glitter fest!  It applies easy with no fishing required to get a ton of glitter on the brush.  It dries fast to a semi gloss finish.  I topped this one off with 2 coats of Seche.  Enjoy! (my etsy store link, also found on the left sidebar of this blog).

BeTrixed, Rose Among Thorns, Purple People Pleaser, Underwater Disco. Artificial light, no flash


BeTrixed, indoors with flash

BeTrixed over Essie-Blanc, 1 coat Seche. Indoors with flash

BeTrixed, artificial ligh, no flash

Underwater Disco, artificial light, no flash

No flash

no flash

with flash

Underwater Disco, no flash.  This one looks like it's really underwater!

Rose Among Thorns

Rose Among Thorns

BeTrixed, Purple People Pleaser

BeTrixed, Rose Among Thorns, Purple People Pleaser, Underwater Disco

BeTrixed, Rose Among Thorns, Purple People Pleaser, Underwater Disco

Artificial light, no flash

Artificial light, no flash

Artificial light, no flash
Artificial light, no flash

Below is the link again to my store again if you want this polish or any of my frankens.  I will have this one and more all listed this week!  You can also find the link to more store at all times on the left hand side of this blog in the sidebar.  Thanks for looking :)!

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