Jindie Nails handmade polish

These are old pictures/posts from back when all of this was just a hobby...it's crazy how time changes everything...

This page will be dedicated to nail polish that I make from scratch in my home using SpectraFlair (fine, medium & coarse grade), duochrome pigments, color shifting glitter pigments, mica, regular liquid pigment, glitter & a glitter suspension base or reg clear suspension base.  Here are a few of my polishes (in my old bottles)that I've made so far:

BeTrixed (old formula), Purple People Pleaser, Rose Among Thorns, Underwater Disco, Ultra-Violet

All of my polish is guaranteed to be handmade from scratch with 3-free, cruelty free, glitter suspension lacquer base.  All of my polishes are custom blended from scratch, not from other pre-made polishes (frankens).  I also guarantee that my polishes are all made with the finest ingredients available including non-bleeding, solvent resistant, cosmetic grade glitters and micas.  Since I started making polish, I only order the best solvent resistant, cosmetic grade glitter and mica.  Some of the solvent resistant glitters still do bleed and will be tested extensively for months before being added to any polish.  I like to test my glitter in a white base and clear base so that if there is any bleeding at all, it shows up really good.  I always use only stainless steel mixing balls in my polishes, never zinc or any other metal.  I will usually put two smaller stainless balls in the mini sized polishes and two of the larger mixing balls in the bigger glitter polishes.  If there isn't a ton of glitter, I will usually put smaller mixing balls.

I hope you all enjoy wearing my polish as much as I do.  I have truly found the MOST AWESOME hobby in the whole world :)!  I hope to someday turn this hobby into a business that ships out multiple orders a day and be able to create jobs in my community.  I'd love to be able to give to some charities in need too :)!  That would be amazing!

Take a look at my polishes below:

Purple People Pleaser

Hello Holo, Seeing Stars, BeTrixed
Seeing Stars, BeTrixed, Pink Glow

Rose Among Thorns

Hello Holo, Seeing Stars, BeTrixed, Pink Glow

BeTrixed min, Night Shift mini

BeTrixed mini
Shop Teal U Drop

Hello Holo

Seeing Stars

Underwater Disco, Ultra-Violet, Stack the Deck(over turqoise) , Purple People Pleaser


Stack the Deck

Underwater Disco

Underwater Disco bottle shot


Bella Bling 
If you see any of these you want, please go to my Etsy store here and see if I have it listed.  If I do not have the one you want listed, convo me for a custom listing.  Let me know what y'all think & thanks a bunch for looking :)!



NailsByDiana said...

OMG I want them all! LOL

Judy Hodge said...

Girl you are doing a great job !!!Loving all you polishes!!!

grace said...

where can a beginner like me pick up glitter to try my own hand at frankening?

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Thank you ladies :)! @grace, try Kit Kraft! kitkraft.biz. Use the polyester glitters, but some of the bleed so you'll have to test them first.

Jessica:) said...

do you also get your sequins sparkle thingys @kitkraft? (not sure what they're called) because i cant find any that are as thin as yours and that come in such a variety of shapes and colors!

Thanks in advance ! keep up the amazing work!!:) can't wait til next re-stock!