Friday, June 29, 2012

Jindie Nails: Pretty & Polished-Hello Dolly!

This is a beautiful polish by Pretty and Polished. It's super dense with medium white glitter, small purple holo glitter, large transparent hot pink glitter and smaller white, pink and purple glitters. In the pictures I have one thick coat of Hello Dolly over Darling Diva Polish Lovely Lilacs and Essie Lilacism on the bottom. The DD polish is hidden by Hello Dolly but I will post separate pics of that polish soon, its pretty. Hello Dolly applies well and dries fast. The glitter comes out very easy but you have to fish for the hot pink bigger glitter because there isn't as much of that glitter in the bottle, but I think it looks better that way. That is the only con about this polish. You can try to get this polish at Chels Etsy shop, Pretty and Polished. She sells out in minutes after restocking and now I see why! If you stalk her Facebook and blog, she will usually let everyone know when she will be restocking and let me just warn better be there on the dot and be ready to move your fingers fast. I had to pay separate shipping a several bottles because if you wait to put others in your cart and check out all at once, some will disappear out of your cart! I just paid real quick so I didn't lose them to someone else. It sucks to have to do that, but if you want it bad enough like I did, you'll do it too lol!  She cannot combine and refund shipping either because of a legal issue where she has to have proof of shipping every item. She is excellent with customer service, ships fast and has awesome polish! I love all 8 bottles I got on her last to come of those!  Link to Pretty & Polished shop below:

Chels Marie Etsy shop: PrettyandPolished

2 coats Hello Dolly over Essie Lilacism taken outdoors in shade
Hello Dolly taken indoors with flash
Taken indoors with flash
Taken indoors in natural light, no flash
Taken outdoors in direct sunlight 3 coats Hello Dolly over  Lilacism

Here is the link again to Chels Marie Etsy shop: PrettyandPolished

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GlitteringJen said...

If anybody knows why these pictures look the way they do, please help. They were uploaded from my mobile and look this way no matter what size I make them :(.