Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jindie Nails: Darling Diva Polish-Twilight Sparkle!

3 coats Twilight Sparkle, 1 coat Seche Vite

I know my post is late today but my baby, Jayden, is sick :(.  He has some sort of stomach bug. 
The swatch featured today is Darlng Diva Polish color Twilight Sparkle.  This is another one that is part of DDP's MLP (My Little Pony) Collection.  Just like Cherry Jubilee, this one does NOT disappoint! It's amazing in all ways.  This one's a sheer purple base so the glitter layers all show up for all coats you apply.  It dries super fast and applies very easy.  I don't know what base DDP uses but I prefer theirs over some of the others I've tried recently.  Pictured below I have Twilight Sparkle over 2 coats of Essie Lilacism.  FYI...I loathe Lilacism's formula.  It's quite possibly the worst formula I've EVER experienced!  Twilight Sparkle is a sheer light pastel purple base.  This purple is very very close to Lilacism purple.  It has small holographic silver glitter, royal blue hex & purple and white square glitters.  You could get away with one or two coats if you put this over a light purple based polish.  I just put 3 to show off all the glitter!  I didn't have to do any glitter fishing with this one either.  Way to go, DDP! Once again, a flawless polish :).  

The first few pics have 2 coats Lilacism and one coat Twilight Sparkle.  The last of the pictures have 2 coats Essie Lilacism, 3 
coats Darling Diva Polish Twilight Sparkle and one coat Seche.  Enjoy :)!

You can purchase this polish & others at Darling Diva Polish on Etsy here:

2 coats Essie Lilacism, 1 coat Twilight Sparkle

1 coat

1 coat taken outdoors at dusk, no flash

3 coats Twilight Sparkle, 1 coat Seche

Lamp light, no flash

Lamp light, no flash

Lamp light, no flash

Lamp light, no flash

Hope you all have a wonderful night! Thanks to my new (and old-ish) followers.  If you have a blog and I am not already following, please let me know so I can return the favor :)! Thanks for the love ladies!



Emalitsa said...

This looks so pretty on you!

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Thanks doll xoxo! Purple is my favorite color afterall ;)! said...

I bought this recently! I think I'm going to buy one if yours too...just trying to decide!

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Aww! Thank you SO much!!!

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Thank you :)! The comment below was supposed to go here lol!