Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jindie Nails: Jindie Nails-Purple People Pleaser (new polish)

Hope you all had a great, happy weekend! I did!  Jayden has almost fully recovered from his strep throat! Yay!  I just wanted to say thanks again to all of my new followers.  The community of nail polish ladies is super sweet, very supportive and helpful to one another.  It's seriously impressive to see total strangers helping each other! I love being part of it all :).  Do you guys ever wonder what kind of people are behind the blogs, etc? I do, all the time.  Everyone seems so sweet!

This new franken I made yesterday.  It's another chunky glitter one, but that is my thing.  I may go ahead and list this one at my Etsy store maybe Monday morning.  I started with a clear glitter suspension (3 free) base.  I added some blue color shifting shimmer pigment.  I then added a ton of purple shades, black, navy and white glitters.  

For underwear, I used Essie-Bikini So Teeny.  This particular Essie color has restored my love for Essie polish to the fullest! I always loved Essie but after the horrible formula of Lilacism, I was beginning to lose interest.  Bikini So Teeny is the namesake color of the Summer collection, Bikini So Teeny.  The color is a blue/purple periwinkle color with just a hint of beautiful shimmer.  Oh man it's so awesome to apply and just gorgeous!  Pictured below is 3 coats of Bikini So Teeny, 4 coats of my color Purple People Pleaser and one coat Seche Vite.  I photoed the Bikini So Teeny on its own just so you can see what it looks like before the PPP.  I'm not really going to focus too much on the mainstream polish brands.  They already get a ton of marketing so I want to focus on the indie brands more in this blog.

I want to make a couple of other glitter polishes to list when I list this one.  I didn't want to just list one or two.  I may list maybe one or two of my previous franken, Rose Among Thorns.  I only have one bottle of Purple People Pleaser made as of right now but I will be making a couple more and that's it.  Supplies of glitter and pigment are limited since I am not a big time polish maker.  The glitter suppliers run out of glitter so fast so when the indie makers say it's a one of a kind polish that they aren't making anymore, I believe that is why.  I know for a fact that the navy blue ultra fine shimmer in my polish is sold out, and I think the shiny lavender is sold out as well.  The larger grape glitter is limited too.  I may be able to find some SIMILAR glitter, but probably not the same exact glitters to duplicate this one.  I will just make different ones instead of trying to hunt down certain glitters.  Also, I want to save some for myself to make my personal bottles.  I still want to share the love but the whole reason I started doing the frankening was to save money by making my own polish and to make the popular VHTF polish myself because they are so hard to get and/or too expensive if you can find them on eBay or somewhere like that.  I just want a bottle at a fair frustrating :(.  Anyways, I have ideas swirling in my head for a new franken.  I want to do a water/ocean themed polish since it's summer time.  I want one with blues and greens.  I know there are already a million of these circulating, but these colors are my fav and I'm gonna have one too :)!  I may work on that one later today.  The sunshine is out now so I'm gonna go swimming with Jayden :)!  Your feed back is appreciated.  Please leave comments below and tell me what you guys think! Have a happy Sunday :)!  Enjoy!

3 coats Essie-Bikini So Teeny

indoors with flash
Can you see the subtle shimmer? So pretty!

 3 thick coats Jindie Nails Purple People Pleaser, 1 coat Seche, indoors w/ flash

3-4 thick coats of PPP on its own, no underwear, on clear artificial nail 1 coat Seche

3-4 thick coats of PPP, 1 coat Seche

What do y'all think about my labels?

The link that WILL lead to my store will be below.  It is not officially open for the public yet, but I opened the store last week incase I  wanted to list a polish.    Thanks for looking and remember, I love to hear feedback :)!

JindieNails Etsy Store


Stephanie Hepler said...

I looooooooove this polish!! This just might be my next investment from etsy! :)

Jen-Jindie Nails said...

Thanks doll :)! I appreciate it!